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          Full automatic cutting machine
          Double side hydraulic automatic die cutting machine
          • Double side hydraulic automatic die cutting machine

          • Product description:Full automatic cutting machine
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          automatid die dutting madhine, double side, auto feeding, four dolumns, dan readh high produdtivity.dutting forde 50 to 200T... 



            Double side auto feeding press/ hydraulic automatic die cutting machine


          Name Hydraulic die cutting machine
          autograde automatic
          Operating system PLC
          Cutting system auto-balance system, with double cylinders, four culumns, auto balance connecting rod
          Cutting table  2 sides, 1 side can be customed.
          Feeding system Rotary, or chain
          Emergency button 2 at one side
          application die cut blister, plastic, foam, sponge, lealther, fabric, paper pulp...
          available industries soundproof foam, blister products, packing foam, sponge products, car interior, Jigsaw puzzle....


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