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          Full automatic cutting machine
          Automatic hydraulic press machine
          • Automatic hydraulic press machine

          • Product description:Full automatic cutting machine
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          PS Die Cutting Madhine 
          1,CE,18 months warranty 
          2,semi-auto,double sides 
          3,for roll or sheet feeding 
          4,Offer OEM 

          Hongtai designs and manufactures die cutting machinery to die cut non-metallic, low-density materials including foam, plastic, rubber, paper, textiles and leather for gasket making, packaging, shoes, bags, toys, OEM parts, and component production, and other application. Honggang die cutters are ideal for die cutting and folding and are available with a variety of options to customize your system, such as cutting area and cutting force.



          System Features:


          • Fast die change and set up times
          • Driven infeed and outfeed pinch rollers
          • Infeed and outfeed conveyers
          • Moveable control console for easy operation and recipe storage
          • Language-selectable keypad with inch or millimeter readout
          • PLC controlled servo motor indexing
          • automatic or manual operation
          • adjustable cutting stroke
          • adjustable cutting pressure
          • adjustable material indexing length
          • Handles sheet or roll goods
          • Double side feeding system for sheet goods, one side can be customed.
          • Stop blocks determine accurate cutting depth
          • Two material guides on infeed to center material
          • Longer die life
          • Easy to run and maintain
          • Manufactured in  CN




          Model   HG-B60T HG-B80T HG- B100T HG-B120T HG-B150T


          Cutting Force  60 tons 80 tons 100 tons

          120 tons  

          150 tons 

          200 tons

          Dimension 3000*2300*1570mm
          Cutting area  810*1400mm
          Motor 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 9.5kw         11.5kw 11.5kw
          Stroke 50-240mm
          Net Weight 4500kg 5600kg 5500kg 6000kg 6300kg 6800kg


           all hydraulic cutting presses are supplied with a CE Mark of Conformity.

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